Physical therapy + art might be an uncommon combination, but it’s that creativity and drive to help others that provides me with a unique perspective on health and fitness.


I’m a firm believer in creating your own momentum- as the name implies, this program is all about starting that drive in the direction of your goals. Whether it’s taking that big risk to start your new career, pursuing your dream by taking a class to refine your skills or taking control of your health by starting a new workout routine. Put one foot in front of the other- metaphorically or physically- and you’ll find the combination of your motivation and action force you forward, even on days you doubt yourself.

Forward Momentum Fitness is for EVERYONE- whether you can’t afford a gym membership, don’t want to get injured, can’t afford classes, not sure where to start, want to step up your regular fitness routine, don’t want to travel for a workout, travel for work, want some direction, don’t want to think about what workout to do today, you name it. Learn more using the link below.