Brick House renovation, part IV

We’re 7 weeks in and a lot has been going on at the Brick House!

I picked, scraped and clawed as much wallpaper as I could off the walls in this unit, then skim coated EVERYTHING. After that, all the walls were primed and painted by your’s truly. It’s amazing how transformative it is when you cover all surfaces in a fresh coat (or two) of paint. The house still holds it’s history and I like to think we’ve kept its unique character as much as we can, but it’s time for a new chapter!

I painted the bead-board in the kitchen what was meant to be “GRAY” - a particular shade I’m very familiar with as it’s the entire first floor of my own home - but this unit has proved to be the most difficult with lighting and color. The “GRAY” looked like baby blue and much to everyone’s frustration, I just couldn’t live with it. Luckily, I’m the painter, so it just cost me my time to change it to the same color as the cabinets and now I love it. [GASP! It’s “BLACK!” How outrageous.]

The the beautiful trim is a mid-gray, the dining area is a “cream” that is looking more “celadon” in this unit (another color I’ve used in the past that is not behaving in this space), and the living room is was meant to be gray but is misbehaving also and appears more like a “lavender.”

On deck for this weekend and next week:
Finish painting all the trim in this unit. (And maybe repainting the living room because the “lilac” color makes me want to claw my eyes out.)
Flooring the kitchen/dining/living rooms in this unit.
Address the bathroom in this unit.
Finish the dormer and start finishing the bedroom.

And on the third floor, work has begun on the dormers for the bedroom. The view is proving to be even better than I expected - we can even see the Breakwater from one of the units! Talk about great advertising points for the Airbnb listings!


Some days you just feel like EVERYTHING is a battle….

Luckily the paint spilled on a still wet wall of the same color and inside a false cabinet, it could be worse.