Courage Training

Fitness - courage - health

Exercise is the tool I’ve used to claw my way out of some very dark times. No one’s life is exempt from hardship, disappointment or heartbreak but some are much more adept at weathering the storms. I am definitely in the sensitive camp and tend towards getting stuck in dark places. Over 10 years ago, what started as forcing myself to just break a sweat a couple times a week - and maybe finding a brief moment of peace during an especially hard workout - lead to the development of new levels of self reliance and confidence.

After YEARS of consistent practice, exercise has become my meditation but it has also created mental fortitude where there once was very little. No one forces me to get up early and do a painful workout - that’s up to me and I never let myself negotiate out of it. Ever. Showing up up to do something uncomfortable creates courage. And courage is what will get you through the hard times, courage will get you through the tough decisions, courage will help you survive the storm.

You create your own courage.

If you’re struggling, I’m here to help. Whether it’s creating a plan, providing the workouts, being a sounding board - I got you.