Brick House renovations, part II

We’re two and a half weeks into the overhaul of what we’re currently calling the “Brick House.” (Don’t worry, there’s a very good chance the name will change once we get a history of the building, which rumor has it dates back to the civil war! How cool is that?!)

As this is a multiunit that is currently occupied, our projects have been limited to the attic and exterior. So far we’ve…:

  1. Removed the sliding door to one of the units to create an exterior cellar access which is great to have in a multiunit so you can have 24 access to the utilities.

  2. Removed the extremely unsafe, un-permitted addition on the backside.
    (Side note: It’s always frustrating to A. take responsibly of previous owners’ shady work or complete lack of maintenance and B. lose valuable square footage. But that’s part of the risk when you’re in the real estate business. When you buy a building, you buy all the neglect that came before you.)

  3. Removed the roof over the front door to expose the beautiful granite lintel and gave the front entrance a facelift by putting in granite steps and re-grading the lawn to show off the granite foundation.

  4. Cleared all the goodies from the attic, demo’ed all the walls and took up the floor boards for repurposing. (Tiny dormer will be getting removed when we start building the TWO NEW DORMERS!)

The green string is level… And yes, that’s every HGTV show’s nightmare - knob and tube!

The green string is level… And yes, that’s every HGTV show’s nightmare - knob and tube!

While we wait for tenants to move to their new homes, we’re leveling the floor of the attic which is off by 4” at its worst. (Did I mention this is a REALLY OLD building? But this doesn’t scare us, the first property we ever bought had a TWO direction lean that rivaled this one…)

Check back for more updates in 2 weeks! We should be seeing some major changes by then!

FRONT ELEVATION BEFORE + IN PROGRESS: Landscaping, lawn, and fresh paint are coming in the near future.

ATTIC BEFORE + IN PROGRESS: The floor boards will be repurposed for the ceiling among other fun places!