Where the rubber meets the road.

The renovation process is a roller coaster -
the preparation & anticipation of the project…
the excitement of getting started…
disappointment at the first set back (but surely, there won’t be more!)…
then comes the sucker punches one after another - bad plumbing, structural issues, dangerous electrical, holes in the wall hidden by wood paneling, water damage, rot, mold, un-level floors, and so on and on.

This is where the rubber meets the road.  This is where your fortitude is tested, your resourcefulness is pushed and your sanity is questioned.


Just like any other challenge you face in life - this is where you either hang in or you bail out.  You can throw your hands up and walk away, start throwing money you don’t have at the project or you start problem solving and getting your hands dirty.  

We’re in THAT phase now - every site visit unveils more damage, instability, or risk.  Every visit reallocates money from aesthetics to repairs that will never be seen.  But THAT’S the renovation process.  Thankfully we’ve done this before, so I know to keep calm, clear my head and start getting creative!  Sometimes it even works in your favor to restore, repurpose or go the non-traditional route.


And in case you were wondering, we’ve found all of those heart breaking issues already - and we still have another floor to start renovating.